Favorite Ways to Relax and Unwind

I’m just going to admit it: adulting is stressful. College is absolutely amazing and I am enjoying every minute of it, but some days are tough. Papers, projects, tests and commitments are always pressing and always on my mind. So, when I am feeling overwhelmed and needing some “me” time, these activities help me relax and feel rejuvenated enough to take on the next big activity on my plate. Hopefully you gain some inspiration to unwind, and treat your self!


Sometimes, you just need to run away from your  responsibilities, but just for a little while! Getting away and out doing fun activities, like going to a pumpkin patch or seeing a concert, will restart your ambition and get you recharged and ready to tackle that to do list!


Some days you are just running around and before you know it, you are burnt out, and haven’t had any time to get some good food in you. My favorite comfort foods and what really gets me ready to take on the day is a nice hot cup of coffee and either a bagel or croissant. Probably not the healthiest, but some days you just need it in your life!

Pamper Yourself

Then there are the days when all that is needed is to close that laptop screen, open some Netflix and have an at-home spa day. Applying a mask and watching some Youtube videos, an episode of The Office, Gossip Girl or New Girl are great ways to put myself back in the frame of mind to be able to crank out that ten page paper!

I hope these tips helped you find some inspiration to take some time and have a stress-free, pamper yourself session!


Liv ❤

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