Jewelry With A Purpose

Someone please tell me I am no the only one that loves to spend hours perusing Etsy for cute handmade items.From home decor to skincare to clothing to much more, Etsy sellers make some really amazing products.

I much as I adore huge chains like Target or department stores such as Nordstrom, I will always have a special place in my heart for supporting handmade items from small businesses. I think they promote diversity of product, have great customer care, and truly care about providing quality over quantity.

Etsy is the perfect place for finding all kinds of handmade jewelry. Unique jewelry sellers stock their shelves with affordable handmade necklaces, bracelets, and rings. I came across AvaHopeDesigns, and my love for small businesses grew even bigger. Terri, the shop owner, makes her jewelry in memory of her niece Ava Hope who passed away a few weeks after birth. With every purchase you make, one dollar is donated to The Brigham & Women NICU.

Terri’s shop is filled with small dainty pieces, like this beautiful rose gold pinecone necklace. Rose gold adds a feminine and fun twist to the traditional gold chain and charm style, and the pinecone charm is #socute. But if you are the more traditional type, you can find the same necklace in silver or gold.


I really encourage you to check out AvaHopeDesigns, pick up some unique, beautiful jewelry for any girls on your holiday shopping list, and support The Brigham & Women NICU!

Thank you for working with me Terri!  Not only for sending me this necklace but for letting me support your cause!



25 thoughts on “Jewelry With A Purpose

  1. that piece is absolutely gorgeous! havent had the greatest luck with Etsy jewerly in the past so I sorta gave up-will have to give it another shot! love supporting the sellers and their causes. thanks for sharing !

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